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The ITDB is a government organization established in April 2009 GC with a mission to develop and implement information technology solutions to enhance service delivery, research, and technological innovation in Addis Ababa.

The ITDB started as an agency and later gained bureau status through restructuring in September 2019 GC, focusing on leveraging technology to transform the city and streamline service delivery.

The recent reorganization aims to enhance service delivery, address resident concerns, and make the city smarter through technology-enabled solutions, as outlined in Proclamation No. 74/2015.

The ITDB is responsible for conducting research to improve existing technology, developing new technology, establishing information systems, and ensuring the quality and reliability of IT infrastructure in the city.

The ITDB supports the city administration by implementing ICT solutions, conducting policy analysis, and promoting strategic thinking to drive economic growth and improve citizens' lives.

The vision is to implement major IT technologies by 2025, creating a sustainable and resilient city that offers convenience and benefits to residents and visitors alike.

The ITDB values include availability, affordability, accessibility, sustainability, resilience, advocating technologies, economic thriving, environmental friendliness, health and safety, and quality of life improvement.

The ITDB monitors and supports developed IT infrastructures, optimizes existing systems, and ensures standards compliance to address political, social, and economic challenges.

Research is essential for improving existing technology, developing new solutions, and enhancing information technology infrastructures that benefit residents and visitors.

The ITDB aligns with the city's objectives by leveraging technology to accelerate economic growth, deliver better public services, and create positive changes in the lives of citizens.

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