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Welcome to Addis Ababa City Innovation and Technology Development Bureau (ITDB)

Addis Ababa City Innovation and Technology Development Bureau (ITDB) is a government organization that was originally constituted as an agency in April 2009 GC under proclamation No. 11/2009. The agency had been incorporated with the Technique and Vocational Training Agency and acquired a bureau structure as a result of the restructuring of the city's executive bodies in September 2019 GC. The institution has been carrying out various activities since the time it is established in the level of agency up to these days with a view to realize the vision to see building up of bridge to transform the city to overall ICT.

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A Brief History of IDTB

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    April 2009 GC: The ITDB was originally established as an agency under Proclamation No. 11/2009. During this time, its primary focus was on technology and vocational training.

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    September 2019 GC: The ITDB underwent a significant transformation as part of the restructuring of the city's executive bodies. It transitioned from being an agency to acquiring a bureau structure, signaling a more substantial role in the city's governance.

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    3rd phase

    The ITDB went into its 3rd phase of re-institution by Proclamation No. 74/2015. This marked another crucial milestone in its evolution.

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Ensuring the benefit of the residents and visitors of Addis Ababa by implementing information technology infrastructures supported by research and, enhancing secure systems and expanding digital services.


By 2025, implementing major IT technologies that are convenient for its residents and visitors; seeing Addis Ababa as a sustainable and resilient city.


Availability Affordability Accessibility Sustainability Resilient Advocate Technologies Economically Thrive Environmental Friendly Health and Safety Quality of Life